A day in any city in the world is not enough time to experience its true nature and the life happening in it. With so many things to see, capturing what you can with a touch of patience can provide some interesting results. Knowing you have limited time available makes you look at people and the environment differently.

Bordeaux was a first. A classic small city with a big city vibe. Steeped of course with its value in wine and the historical context that brings along with it. Whether it’s the carafe shaped interactive wine museum or a simple stroll through the cities narrow streets. It has plenty of photogenic quality that a day simply doesn’t do justice. Having witnessed fights in the street, mirrored ponds and people of such flavour, a day in the life of Bordeaux was short and sweet.

I would have loved to have spent a few more nights there too. A city only comes alive when the light drops and that’s where the Fuji could really spread its nocturnal wings. So in my mind – this was just a recce, for the real storyline ahead. Will definitely pay another visit soon.