What better way to break in the zen camera I have then to take it on it’s maiden voyage to Nirvana. I plan on making many journeys with this X-Pro 2 over time so first stop, taking it with me on a recent visit to France. A good test into understanding what I can do with it and hopefully, getting some inspired shots in.

I didn’t know what to expect but was supremely impressed. What better way to begin then being surprised with the location. Right next to our Airbnb gite, was a Buddhist temple. One of the first in France.

It seemed that my zen flow started with a visual feast of peaceful delight. Hidden behind trees and over a wide area were statues, gardens and ponds. Punctuated with even bigger statues of various buddhist marbles.

I got trigger happy to say the least and more impressed with the 23mm. I was looking forward to getting these processed.